• Doron  Malka


    Founder and President of Ameba Marketing, Inc.
    After leaving Israel in 1991, Doron graduated from San Diego State University in 1994 with his MBA. Inspired by his clients’ passion and enthusiasm (as well as his own drive to instigate positive action through compelling campaigns) Doron founded Ameba Marketing in 1996. With a love for cultural diversity, an eye for style and a desire for camaraderie, Doron leads Ameba Marketing with a positive “Yes” attitude.While he is serious about producing results and creating award-winning campaigns, Doron is also equally as passionate about ensuring that excitement, humor and enthusiasm are injected into not only his business-client relationships, but also his own teams’ solidarity. Doron ensures that Ameba Marketing’s office is always buzzing with fresh ideas, a fun ‘can-do’ attitude and a lot of laughter.

    When he’s not leading his team of Amebas, Doron can be found spending time relaxing with family and hitting the soccer field with friends.

  • Laura  Cannin


    Account Executive
    Wearing many hats, Laura’s responsibilities at Ameba range from writing press releases, coordinating trade shows, promotional events and photo shoots to managing the internal traffic flow of design projects and overseeing general office operations.Unofficially, she is also responsible for entertaining her coworkers with her lingering British accent. Laura left the motherland back in 1999 but she still pronounces brochure “brow’shur,” garage “ga-rich,” and pasta “pa-ster,” much to the amusement of her fellow Amebas. In her free time, Laura likes to pretend she can surf…though she spends most of her time happily floundering in the waves.

  • Sarah  Schmidt


    Art Director
    Sarah is about solving problems. With creative solutions that are unexpected, smart, funny, or pull at your heart strings, she gives your brand a face, a voice and a personality that connects you with your audience. Connect, react and act; these 3 simple words can change the world. Watch.Although quiet and reserved, she is filled with passion for wellness and she takes pride in out-lifting guys at the gym. Sarah’s been told her only outbursts are toward amazing concepts and to brashly scold the overbearing Shiba Inu, Saki (she sees you Saki). She designs by listening to her gut — just how all life decisions should be made.

  • Torrey


    Mademoiselle Hound
    Shy and quiet, Torrey is the calm, old office dog who always welcomes a tummy-rub. She specializes in client-relations and is the unofficial office-greeter. Her work ethic is a little questionable, as she seems to spend most of her time sprawled out sleeping on the carpet; but she is always ready to offer some stress-relief and accompany her colleagues for a relaxing walk around the lake.

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