SD  Rescue  Mission

    The San Diego Rescue Mission (SDRM) is a non-profit organization providing housing, hunger relief and mental health counseling to those in need. They host events to create awareness and provide an opportunity for the needy to take control of their lives and return to their communities as fulfilled, contributing members of society.

    Sleepless San Diego is a daytime awareness and nighttime sleep-out event that raises money to support programs to help the homeless at SDRM. Ameba deployed a “game of life” theme, to create timely ads that were circulated in the Union Tribune prior to the event; Ameba also designed brochures, program books and posters saturated with infographics to help increase awareness.

    Sleepless  San  Diego

  • Sleepless  San  Diego  event  promo  in  the  Union  Tribune

  • Sleepless  San  Diego  event  program  book  cover

  • Sleepless  San  Diego  event  program  book  game

  • Sleepless  San  Diego  event  program  book  map

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