Alliance  Healthcare  Foundation

    Alliance Healthcare Foundation is the greater San Diego region’s community partner for improving access to healthcare for poor and vulnerable populations. AHF strives to promote health and wellness for the underserved in the San Diego region, through collaborative grantmaking, advocacy, and education.

    Ameba rebranded Alliance Healthcare Foundation with the development and design of a new website as well as print and online collateral, while simultaneously launching an awareness public relations campaign. Ameba also developed Alliance’s Innovation Initiative (i2) brand and launched the i2 campaign, including event coordination and an awareness campaign through PR, print and online collateral.

    Alliance  Healthcare  Foundation

  • conference  brochure

  • “Innovation Initiative”  overview  brochure

  • “Innovation  Initiative”  flyers

  • capacity  folder  cover

  • capacity  folder  inside  spread

  • postcards

  • trade  show  poster  series

  • promotional  poster  series

  • “Innovation  Initiative”  save-the-date  mailers

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