Social Media Versus Holiday Tradition

When I’m putting together a party, I send out Evites, post messages on Facebook, Tweet, text with friends and Skype with family across the pond. Virtually everything is, well, virtual.

So I was wondering, is the tradition of mailing out holiday cards obsolete and passé? Are they a tacky, environmentally-unfriendly thing of the past?  Is mailing holiday cards something only our parents and grandparents do? I questioned my social media savvy coworkers and their response was a unanimous and resounding “NO.”

It seems that nothing makes one feel more warm and fuzzy than receiving a real, tangible card in the mail. Of course, being as hip and trendy as the Amebas are, they pointed out some earth-friendly options for holiday cards. Now, we can share a little holiday magic and feel good about the environment.

Check out plantable cards at Botanical Paperworks! Seeds are actually embedded into the paper. When you plant the card, wildflowers will grow. Magical!

Snails Pace Paper offers FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer fiber using soy-based inks

Pear Tree has a line of festive recycled cards

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