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Social Media Versus Holiday Tradition

When I’m putting together a party, I send out Evites, post messages on Facebook, Tweet, text with friends and Skype with family across the pond. Virtually everything is, well, virtual. So I was wondering, is the tradition of mailing out holiday cards … Continue reading

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Brits Support Social Media BlackOuts During Times of Unrest

I was very surprised to learn, from, that 70% of my fellow Britons “completely agree” or “agree somewhat” with blocking social media during times of “civil unrest.” Obviously, the August London riots are still burning in the minds of those who had … Continue reading

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10 Communicating Tips to Live By:

Like the three “L’s” to real estate (location, location, location) there are three ‘C’s’ to relationships— communication, communication, communication. Therefore, I thought I would share some of the communication rules/tips/guidelines that I have gathered over the years from others and … Continue reading

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