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Hello October

New month, new start. Let yourself be inspired!    

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Fashion and Photography At Their Best

We all have our routine in the morning. Whether it be diving into Starbucks for that double latte or scrolling through the daily news to awaken our minds. My routine (though consisting of both coffee and news) also involves checking … Continue reading

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Meet Kat Macleod

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I miss my drawing days…when hours would fly by unnoticed hunched over pads of paper with black fingers. I truly miss it. Its about the feeling/communication that moves through me that I miss, not the ability of drawing that others … Continue reading

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Favorite Creatives in San Diego

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San Diego is not LA or New York or even Portland but creativity can take root anywhere. When it is revealed to the artist, grown into, or unveiled it is obvious that their craft is coming from the true spirit … Continue reading

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